Change management

La chiave del cambiamento passa per l’empowerement (potenziamento) del personale esistente al fine di poter capitalizzare sulla loro conoscenza della presente organizzazione e sul valore delle diverse esperienze a vantaggio dei nuovi obiettivi.

Change management tips

The key to change is to empower staff so that they can capitalize on their knowledge of the current organization and the value of their different experiences for the benefit of the new objectives.

Moving The Mountain

In a business context, best results are achieved when the engagement of people is such that everyone can feel part of the same project and every effort is directed towards a common goal: this is a hard process, in which a good management guidance is the key success factor. 

Moving The Mountain

In un contesto aziendale e manageriale i migliori risultati si ottengono quando il livello di coinvolgimento delle persone è tale che ognuno possa sentirsi parte di uno stesso progetto, quando ogni sforzo è orientato verso un obiettivo comune: un processo spesso arduo, in cui una buona guida manageriale può fare la differenza.

Butterfly effect

We all have a moral duty, especially if we belong to that group of fortunate people who have studied and realized their lives, to support other women who have simply had the misfortune of being born in the wrong place.

Effetto farfalla

Ma noi donne non possiamo dimenticare altre donne che non hanno la nostra stessa fortuna. E se l’effetto farfalla è vero allora forse un piccolo gesto, un’azione o un’iniziativa che sembra nulla rispetto all’entità del problema oggi, genererà un effetto nel futuro.


La resilienza oggi più che mai è fondamentale per mantenere i nervi saldi. E come descriverlo meglio di così: “La definizione ufficiale in psicologia di resilienza è: “La capacità di affrontare le avversità della vita, di superarle uscendone rinforzati e trasformati positivamente.” Ma il principio della resilienza è molto difficile da attuare perché contiene della…


The official definition of resilience in psychology is: “The ability to face life difficulties and overcome them by becoming strengthened and positively transformed. ”
But the principle of resilience is very hard to implement because it implies suffering.


 “Imparare a stare da soli” è un percorso di vita necessario e autentico nel diventare adulti. Significa fare i conti con le proprie ansie e le proprie paure e accettare che le emozioni e gli umori variano dal positivo al negativo e che bisogna gestirli senza scaricarli sul prossimo.


 “Learning to be alone” is a necessary life journey. It means dealing with one’s own anxieties and fears and accepting that emotions goes up and down and we need to learn to manage them without discharging them on others.

Superare la paura

Era il 2014 quando pubblicai il libro “La Strategia della Farfalla”. Ai tempi eravamo tutti un po’ scossi dalle ripercussioni della crisi economica e sentivo un forte bisogno di parlare dell’importanza di reinvetarsi e di non mollare mai.

Overcome fear

It’s already 7 years that I published the book “The Butterfly Strategy”. At the time we were all shaken by the economic crisis and I felt a strong need to talk about the importance of reinventing ourselves and never give up.

Merry Christmas

Everything has been told and analysed about this strange year that we are leaving behind us. For me weeks and months were running fast and I even don’t know anymore what I was doing when. But what I’ve learned is to react quickly, to question everything I ‘m doing and to look for new solutions…

Strategies and their execution

We discussed several time about the big change affecting the B2B companies from a marketing point of view. The way consumers are interacting is changing and moving forward to a new way to position the business is one of the major duty of marketers. this means to move from a pure product, traditional approach to…

Round Table “B2B Marketing Online”

Today during the event B2B Marketing Hotline, organized by Marconomy, we had the chance to discuss and share about the challenges that companies are facing in this period, with a special focus on marketing and sales. The major topics were related to the role of marketing professionals, now and in future, and what kind of…

“B2B next normal”: from passive to strategic marketing

The evolution of the marketing approach is not a due and automatic process from passive to strategic. Of course many trends push more and more companies to be attractive in understanding their markets. However, the ability to move forward to the next stage is really depending on the situation of that specific sector in a…

Key learnings

Preparing the return and the phase 2, I feel an odd sense of anxiety. The same I was feeling in the beginning of the lock-down. At that time, the surprise and the concern was made by seeing the life we were used to have and to know as so granted and due, being disrupted by…

“Next Normal” could be a better world

It is my eight week of quarantine, sitting in my apartment close to Milan, one of the most affected areas of Covid19; I am working the whole day to push further the narrative of the company in this very strange time. Ethic and Empathy are part of our daily life now as never before. Staying…

Moving the mountain

Moving the mountain is a motto that I like very much and I use a lot: According to dictionary, moving mountain means Achieving spectacular and apparently impossible results. Make every possible effort. Without 2. you cannot get 1. And here is the approach… This was the starting point of my speech during the conference CMCX…