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Change management tips

The key to change is to empower staff so that they can capitalize on their knowledge of the current organization and the value of their different experiences for the benefit of the new objectives.

One of the tools I used in this phase, and which was very useful in defining a coherent roadmap, was “skills mapping”, which consists of a mapping of the qualities and skills needed to carry out the project and a subsequent assessment of the staff for each skill in order to understand where to act on the potential and in which role to allocate the various subjects.

I am convinced that, in such situations, the manager’s job is to have sufficient leadership skills, involvement and empathy to be able to integrate all the relevant stakeholders into the project.

This involves careful alignment work that has to be carried out in the group as a whole, but also bilaterally, with the individuals and the different issues. 

Resistance to change has a variety of origins, both cultural and personal, but mostly has to do with insecurity and fear.

For example, individuals may be afraid of not understanding or failing. It is precisely for this reason that it would be appropriate to offer ongoing training and coaching to help them identify their fears and perhaps overcome them by trying something new. 

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