Moving the Mountain

The manager, regardless of the role they are in, must increase their ability to impact the environment in order to increase their legitimate power through such means as guiding strategy-setting, attracting talent, influencing control systems, or redesigning the organization itself. 

About leadership

Without making peace with your inner self and your values, you will not be able to understand the expectations of the people around you, nor will you be able to structure goals, and you will end up simulating dissonant behaviour that will generate contradictions and unconscious bias.

Sulla leadership

Senza fare pace con la propria interiorità e con i propri valori, non si può essere in grado di capire le aspettative delle persone intorno e nemmeno di strutturare degli obiettivi, e si finirà per simulare comportamenti dissonanti che genereranno contraddizioni e bias inconsci.


And what about us? What will be our footprint? This is a question we should never forget to ask ourselves.

Lasciare il segno

Quale segno lasceremo nel medio-lungo termine? Questa è la domanda che dobbiamo farci regolarmente se vogliamo dare un senso a quello che facciamo.  

Moving The Mountain

“Every possible effort,” in a managerial and corporate context, means being able to create an environment of involvement whereby everyone feels part of the same project and goal.

Moving The Mountain

In un contesto aziendale e manageriale i migliori risultati si ottengono quando il livello di coinvolgimento delle persone è tale che ognuno possa sentirsi parte di uno stesso progetto, quando ogni sforzo è orientato verso un obiettivo comune: un processo spesso arduo, in cui una buona guida manageriale può fare la differenza.


Recentemente mi è capitato di guardare un documentario su Freddy Mercury e, spinti dall’interesse, la stessa sera abbiamo guardato anche il film su di lui: “Bohemian Rapsody”. Il suo genio e il suo talento hanno attraversato e unito generazioni, le sue canzoni intramontabili e la sua energia sul palco lo hanno reso fra i migliori…


I recently watched a documentary and a movie about Freddy Mercury (“Bohemian Rapsody”). His genius and talent have crossed and united generations, his timeless songs and his energy on stage have made him among the best performers of all time. Yet he was not at all the stereotype of “success” as we usually think of…

Thanks to Ioana Straeter for asking my opinion

I really would like to thank Ioana for this interview! (you can read it on linkedin here: Not only because she was interested in my opinion and my experience and this was making me very happy since it means that is valuable also for other persons. But specially because chatting together with her about…

Key learnings

Preparing the return and the phase 2, I feel an odd sense of anxiety. The same I was feeling in the beginning of the lock-down. At that time, the surprise and the concern was made by seeing the life we were used to have and to know as so granted and due, being disrupted by…

Virtual leadership. Why many were so sceptic?

One of the opportunity created by this huge crisis is  the use of smart-working on large scale. It is nothing new. Since years we envision a new way of working thanks to digital technology, but  many companies and managers were still very sceptic about this new way of managing the professional daily life. The home-office…

“Next Normal” could be a better world

It is my eight week of quarantine, sitting in my apartment close to Milan, one of the most affected areas of Covid19; I am working the whole day to push further the narrative of the company in this very strange time. Ethic and Empathy are part of our daily life now as never before. Staying…

C’era una volta Esselunga …

Era un caldo pomeriggio di inizio agosto quando fui contattata in urgenza dalla Direzione del Personale di Esselunga. Lavorare per un’azienda così prestigiosa era considerata allora una fortuna inestimabile! Il direttore del personale organizzò nel giro di due giorni un secondo colloquio con il Dottor Giuseppe Caprotti e, all’inizio di settembre, entrai negli uffici di…