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Pray for Kiev

Today I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock, tossed and turned in bed a few minutes thinking about that work discussion I was going to have later in the morning.

I stretched in bed and slowly got up while my little dog Spank waited on the floor ready for his morning cuddles.

I showered, got dressed and had coffee while my mind was wandering  over the to-do list. Tonight I’m seeing a friend, “we’ll put this one on the nice things happening” I told myself.

Then I put Spank’s coat on, grabbed the leash, and we headed out into the cool of an almost spring sunrise.

While I was doing all this, as I do every morning, I was silently complaining about the fatigue, the boredom and the fact that we still haven’t made plans for the weekend. “It would be time to take advantage and get outdoors. But where are we going?” What existential questions that currently seem so important for our well-being.

Today is Thursday, my friend who lives 2,000 miles away from here, was probably having the same thoughts up until a few weeks ago. She would get up in the morning silently complaining about work or her husband not putting his coffee cup in the sink or her son not getting a good grade.

But my friend this morning instead woke up much earlier than usual and with only one thought: “Please stop him somehow!”

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