key to change

Tirelessly repeating messages, remembering key points thousands of times… When you start to hear the same concepts circulating from person to person and on everyone’s lips, then you can be sure that the mountain is beginning to move.

Change management tips

The key to change is to empower staff so that they can capitalize on their knowledge of the current organization and the value of their different experiences for the benefit of the new objectives.

Lasciare il segno

Quale segno lasceremo nel medio-lungo termine? Questa è la domanda che dobbiamo farci regolarmente se vogliamo dare un senso a quello che facciamo.  


La resilienza oggi più che mai è fondamentale per mantenere i nervi saldi. E come descriverlo meglio di così: “La definizione ufficiale in psicologia di resilienza è: “La capacità di affrontare le avversità della vita, di superarle uscendone rinforzati e trasformati positivamente.” Ma il principio della resilienza è molto difficile da attuare perché contiene della…

From paper to digital

Each time I approach my letterbox and I find tons of useless promotional flyers, that I throw directly into the dustbin, I get sad and also nervous. Many are still very fond of paper, some likes to receive them regularly. But is that really bringing more sales? Or more value to the Brands? Is that…

Round Table “B2B Marketing Online”

Today during the event B2B Marketing Hotline, organized by Marconomy, we had the chance to discuss and share about the challenges that companies are facing in this period, with a special focus on marketing and sales. The major topics were related to the role of marketing professionals, now and in future, and what kind of…

Philip Kotler – speech from Italian Marketing Foundation.

I like Philip Kotler, I studied everything he wrote and I met him in person once in Milano some years ago. He always has something interesting to share and aligned with the time. Here he shows us again that nowadays we cannot separate marketing activities to company purpose and values anymore. Every single action needs…