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Thanks to Ioana Straeter for asking my opinion

I really would like to thank Ioana for this interview!

(you can read it on linkedin here:

Not only because she was interested in my opinion and my experience and this was making me very happy since it means that is valuable also for other persons. But specially because chatting together with her about all this topics helped me also to make a point of the situation, rethink to the list of lessons learned and think about next steps.

Do not misunderstand me, nobody is happy with the Covid Crisis and this going back to lock-down is a kind of tragedy for me too but we have to be resilient and we have to be strong. In these last 3 weeks I was thinking very much about this new wave that is touching Europe and how to face it. Now we know exactly what is going on and what will happen for the next weeks. We know the implications and the difficulties.

I still don’t have answers but, what I’m sure, is that we have to take care of our brain and body.

My way to face fear and confusion is study, reading, learning. Trying to understand and listen to all that amazing super smart human being that have something to learn me. And with this I’m able to reflect and work on my imagination.

And I hope that in the end of this tunnel we can share again some good key learning and some good experience in spite of the situation.

Stay tuned and take care!

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