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Preparing the return and the phase 2, I feel an odd sense of anxiety. The same I was feeling in the beginning of the lock-down. At that time, the surprise and the concern was made by seeing the life we were used to have and to know as so granted and due, being disrupted by a complete new reality and consequent routine.

Then, within the weeks, I was experiencing mixed emotions. At a certain point, around week 4 I guess, I had the feeling to live always the same day. To create every day the same routine. But then with the weeks running I discovered new routines and new reality. I realised how tired I was to travel all the time. How many energies I was investing in conflicts and never ending meaning. How much time I was wasting without any sense.

Staying home, I’ve learned that I can bring a lot more value on my job if I have a clear scope and a clear meaning. That, if I have time to study and reading and thinking, I’m then more strategic and effective. If I’m cleaning the space and the time from everything is toxic and energy absorbing I have a more clear vision on the future.

Of course the crisis we are all living is horrible,  even if the devastating effect is not visible to the major part of people if you don’t see it by first hand,  the Covid19 direct experience should scare everyone.

But, the worst is in front of us. We are not over, we are simply taking some steps outside trying to get back our lives but everyone knows (even who denies) that this will not happen.

And if this crisis will bring us to more crisis in the next future, I’m convinced that to survive we will need to me smarter and more proactively pushing a new way to be normal.

The devastating impact of the human being has been very clear during this time that we were sent back home, the useless of certain practice became so clear that we don’t need them anymore. We don’t want them anymore.

Since the beginning of this crisis, I decided to leave no stone upturned. I decided that it was time to act, to be brave and humble and to help each other to face the moment and to prepare the future. I decided to be strong, positive and proactive.

And now, I want to move to a new normal that allows me, as person, as manager and as leader to help people to realise something extraordinary, to focus on what’s matter and to achieve every goal in the most valuable way. I want to focus on empowering the potential, the creativity and the proactive construction of a better world. I want to learn from younger generations and help them to build a new future. I want to bring value and I want to collaborate and live with persons that have this same values with whom having open dialogues and transparent collaboration. I want to do all this in the flexibility of the digital world to be able to stay connected with all the amazing persons I know all around the world without staying away from my family for too long.

I discovered that this is possible, this crisis was taking away the veils, was waking us up from our eternal sleep and we cannot miss this chance to make a difference. It is up to us now, and it will be hard and we will suffer but we need to be loyal towards ourselves. Because, if there is a key learning from this crisis, it is that we are all just fragile.

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