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From paper to digital

Each time I approach my letterbox and I find tons of useless promotional flyers, that I throw directly into the dustbin, I get sad and also nervous.

Many are still very fond of paper, some likes to receive them regularly. But is that really bringing more sales? Or more value to the Brands? Is that sustainable?  

From my point of view, paper flyers or catalogues are more a matter of custom than real interest and it should be companies’ responsibility to stop or reduce this waste of resources and move to new and more modern way to stay in touch with their potential customers.

Ikea made the choice at a certain point to stop to send out paper catalogues; this had no negative impact on the business or on their image. They just found a different way to build loyalty.

It is time to move on: App, fidelity programs, social media … there are plenty of digital alternatives. Is all about starting to explore and find the right experience.

Happy to discuss.   

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  • Silvia's puppies
    Posted Agosto 4, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    I can understand your point of view but…. I love promotional flyers in my letter box!!
    And I was really sad when IKEA communicated that is no longer sending the catalogue via post!
    You are right, it’s a waste of paper and so on, but…. if the flyers are properly sent to the right targets, I think people appreciate them.
    Don’t send me anything about cars, but let me have everything about clothes, beauty, home furnishings…. 🙂

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