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About strategy

“Strategy is the way in which organizations adapt to change in their environment”. In this statement we find change, the evolution of society and environment as key factors. 

The speed at which economic and socio-political dynamics are changing worldwide, the increase in crises, and the constant erosion of originality force organizations and managers to continually develop new strategies to find keys to success or to escape from complicated situations.

Many of these strategies are good, indeed excellent, in theoretical terms, but the key to a successful strategy lies in its implementation and, subsequently, in its survival and eventual corroboration validation in the medium to long term. 

One of the pitfalls of being in a strategic role is not being able to ensure that it is implemented correctly.

If the success of the strategy depends on other departments or stakeholders (who might or might not have an effective methodology), then there’s no presentations or guidelines you can ever give will ensure success. 

When a strategy fails, external factors are often blamed, but most of the time the failure to implement a strategy is due to internal reasons that can range from lack of skills to not fully understanding the objectives and the path. The human factor in all of this is the most complex thing to assess, and the most unpredictable. 

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