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Strategies and their execution

We discussed several time about the big change affecting the B2B companies from a marketing point of view. The way consumers are interacting is changing and moving forward to a new way to position the business is one of the major duty of marketers.

this means to move from a pure product, traditional approach to a reliable and constant way to communicate with people, aspiring to high level purpose and building a virtuous interaction with all stakeholders.

In the B2C this is already embedded since time and, the recent crisis Covid19, has speed up the process towards “experiences” and “values” instead of products’ benefit.

It is a matter of fact that in industrials environment, where technology is the core of the business, this approach becomes challenging. It is indeed a deep change into the point of view and this is not always understood and accepted.

Therefore, what happens when this lack of acceptance becomes a conflict?

Better to make a pause and listen and, if needed, make a step back or slow-down your expectation.

My statement, I know, will disappoint many but

the challenge is not only to define a good strategy but it is in its execution. Moreover, a good execution needs to be adapted to the reality and to the concrete possible achievements even without forgetting the mid-long term perspective.

Sometime we have to admit that not everyone is ready for a new approach, not every sector or every target group. Sometime we are just too ambitious in our strategies, we want to move forward and to move fast. We have visions and actions plans but we can run in a situation where a specific organization is not ready for them. It can happen that a specific target is still touched by approaches that seems old-style and we cannot avoid considering that.

Sales force sits in front of the customers and face this reality every day. We carefully have to pay attention to their view. We will maybe have to adjust the sails and adapt on a lower level some tactic and slow down a bit the big picture but this will make the company more impactful in the short term.

Especially now, in this challenging time, listening with open hears to the market to ensure the success of the business is crucial even without giving up the big picture and the mid-term view on the change.

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