The quality of a manager, his leadership and ability to leave a mark, is recognizable only in the mid-long term. 

In the short term, words and promises are easy, but it is over time that it becomes clear whether the decisions made, the strategies defined and the tactics applied have been able to generate an impact that goes beyond the presence of the manager himself. 

There are leaders who leave behind lessons, changes, processes or ideas that endure over time and become part of the organizational system. 

But generating a medium-term impact depends on 3 factors. The first is related to the skills of the person, this is obviously the basis. But it also requires an organization that wants and allows change and, as in any relationship, a common purpose. If these three factors come together then we will observe managers capable of leaving a footprint over time. 

I’ve seen managers leaving after a few years and be forgotten without leaving any trace of their presence. 

And what about us? What will be our footprint? This is a question we should never forget to ask ourselves.

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