Moving The Mountain

According to the dictionary, to move the mountain means to achieve spectacular and seemingly unattainable results by making every possible effort.

“Every possible effort,” in a managerial and corporate context, means being able to create an environment of involvement whereby everyone feels part of the same project and goal.

This book is about management and leadership through themes very dear to the author, who traces them by interweaving theoretical learnings with concrete experiences.

Dedicated to those who dream of a career, those who are making it and those who have already made it. And to all of you that consider as major values the humbleness, hard work, acceptance of your own limits and perseverance in achieving your dreams.

There are many ways to move a mountain and, even if at times you feel you are not making any progress, you must persevere and give yourself time. The results will be seen from a distance, when you look back at the path you’ve taken with a smile and a hint of nostalgia.

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