marketing conference EWMS

A 48-hour marketing conference eWMS (World Marketing Summit) is what I am trying to follow since yesterday.

I like the idea very much and all presenters are super interesting mainly professors coming from the best universities all over the world and reading through the times we are living and how the future could look like.

However, my level of attention in the online training is quite low. Therefore I have them talking in my hears all the time but I am very happy that I will get all contents in streaming for a certain period to really go through them with some calm and being able to elaborate and share with you the most relevant messages.

Nevertheless, beside this, listening to them is giving me very much energy to face this second wave with some more courage.

I am working from home since 3 weeks already, sitting alone in my German apartment with my dog. I miss my life, I miss to go outside seeing people and meeting other human being in person. Virtual is great, it is allowing me to get very strongly in touch with my family and friends but it is not at all the same.

The positive thing, compared to the first wave, is that now I know exactly what I have to face and I know how to organise myself. I have the diet in place; I make fitness every day via zoom with friends and I am subscribing to all type of conferences and online events that can help me to think.

Study and listen is for me the real healing way to survive. Using this time I have at home to try to learn as much as possible and listen what very smart other people are recommending is helping me to understand the right direction and consequently it gives me the wish to write and to share and to brainstorm.

Now I will go for some shopping (until when shops are still open in Germany) since I have to take care of a very important matter: buy a new ball for my dog and coffee (much coffee, for me).

But before to go here some messages coming from the presentation of Kotler into the event:

A lot more to come in next days.

I wish you a great weekend full of wellness and positive thoughts. Stay safe!

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