Moving the mountain

Moving the mountain is a motto that I like very much and I use a lot:

According to dictionary, moving mountain means

  1. Achieving spectacular and apparently impossible results.
  2. Make every possible effort.

Without 2. you cannot get 1. And here is the approach…

This was the starting point of my speech during the conference CMCX that took place on 26/3/2020 …

“What I fast learned when I was starting to work in terms of change management is actually that the process is driven by 2 dimensions. One is related to the concrete actions, facts and skills that we use to find the right directions and to be consequently able to argument them.

But the other one (even more important) is related to people. Their psychology, culture, behaviours, history: these are all factors that we need to understand and take into account if we want to create a different way to work or to approach the business. Especially if we want this change being stable in the mid-term.

Therefore,  from one side vertical hard skills to really make things happen but also the horizontal soft skills to manage the sociological and psychological aspects.

The way we communicate and we approach life is in constant flow and in constant change. Further than this, B2B is a complex environment where we need to match properly the right strategy with tactics that are really able to make a difference into the medium and long term.

However the time is ticking…….Ticking to adjust and to become more agile, fast, and innovative and close to people. And how we can make this happen?

We can do it only if we are ready to revolution everything we did and the way we did it and if we are able to convince the organisation that this is the right way to success….”

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